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  HVAC Fiber Glass Duct Systems Trainers

Thank you for considering HVAC Fiber Glass Duct Systems Trainers for your on-site training needs. Please contact us for information about your program preference, cost, etc. You can begin by answering a few simple questions below.

HVAC Fiber Glass Duct Systems Trainers
312 Missimer Drive
Royersford, PA 19468
Phone: 610-246-0952
Fax: 610-948-8574
e-mail: steviej@gemini-connections.com

Brochure - If you'd like a copy of our brochure, simply email us and tell us where to send it.

Request a Program

We will contact you in person shortly. To help us customize the program to your needs and get us started, make sure to tell us:

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Training Requirements

Which training course are you interested in?
#101: Duct Instruct (for HVAC School Instructors)
#102: Duct Construct (HVAC Contractor Workshop)
#103: Duct Inspect (Code Inspector Workshop)
#104: Performance Under Pressure (for Salespeople)
Please make a selection.

Who is the target audience for this training?
(list all that apply)
HVAC Contractor/Technician
HVAC students in school
Sales Representatives (distributor or manufacturer)
Code Inspectors
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Are there any particular skills you'd like us to focus on?
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How many do you expect to be in the session?
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Location? (Address)
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Do you have the space and AV needs for a hands-on workshop? (Large room or HVAC lab, chairs, 2 demonstration tables, projector/screen)? Please let us know what you have available for use.
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Please indicate what materials and supplies you have available for the training so we can arrange to have everything on site. Check all that you have available for our use.
Fiber glass duct board
Grooving machine (depending on workshop)
Hand grooving tools
UL 181 A pressure sensitive tape
UL 181 A heat activated tape
UL 181 A fiber glass reinforced mastic system
Please make a selection.

Other considerations:
Depending on the length and/or timing of the program, we might want to arrange for a light meal. We can work with local catering professionals or you can make those arrangements.
Yes. Let's discuss when we talk.
No. We will handle food arrangements on our end.
Not needed.
Please make a selection.

NAIMA's Fibrous Glass Duct Construction Standards Manual will be given to training attendees. We can provide them or you can arrange to get them from NAIMA.
No. We will get the Standard from NAIMA
Please make a selection.

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HVAC Fiber Glass Duct Systems Trainers

"We continue to support this kind of industry training. Improving the installation skills of installers is an important part of the manufacturers' product stewardship commitment."

Charles Cottrell, Vice President of Technical Services, NAIMA

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