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Photo Gallery

  HVAC Fiber Glass Duct Systems Trainers

Fabricating air-tight fiber glass duct systems takes skill and craftsmanship. HVAC Program Instructors, Students, HVAC Contractors, Building Code Inspectors and Sales personnel walk away from our workshops with new knowledge and skills that they can apply immediately.

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Workshops are well attended by HVAC contractors,
technicians and code inspectors.

Ductboard grooving machine makes fabrication quick and easy.

Demonstrating the strength of fiber glass duct systems
with a pressure test.

Trainer, Tommy Jackson, demonstrates the fabrication of
an elbow during contractor workshop.

Clean cut by a fiber glass duct board hand grooving tool.


Measuring for an end cap.

Laying out an end cap.

Perfect fitting end cap.

Fiber glass duct board passes a variety of UL tests.

Trainer, Tommy Jackson, demonstrating heat sealing
closure system.

Forming the duct after fiber glass duct board
goes through the grooving machine.

Fiber glass duct board grooving tool

Fiber glass duct board systems and
equipment connections are covered in
Duct Instruct training.











How to install fiber glass turning vanes is part of
the training.

Stretching the facing tab is the first step in an
air-tight closure system.

One-on-one instructor retraining.

Trainer, Pete Hays, makes an end cap during
contractor workshop.

Trainer, Pete Hays, demonstrating how
to reinforce fiber glass duct board
systems for light commercial applications.

Sealing the joints with UL 181 A tape.

Ship lap joints need to fit tightly together.


Stapling demonstration.

Using the right hand grooving tools assures a good
tight duct board system fit.

Contractor workshop.

Student training.

UL 181 A pressure sensitive tape used for closure system.

Setting up the grooving machine for the right cuts
is important.

Fiber glass duct board and fiber glass turning vanes.

Step-by-step instructions provided in
detailed fabrication manual.


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